golivestock; the online market place for trading in livestock, linking buyers and sellers at a fraction of the normal price.

This is the future of South African livestock trading.

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Weaner Price Falls (Feb 2015)

Drought conditions in the Free State and North West Province continue and this has caused the maize prize to rise and consequently farmers have begun to offload their livestock resulting in a significant decrease in the weaner price. With the weaner season approaching it will remain to be seen how far the price will fall.  

In September/October we can expect a shortage of supply resulting in significant price hikes, especially if the country has widespread early spring rains.


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Key advantages of using golivestock

  • Become your own livestock agent, listing your own stock.
  • Generates maximum competition between potential buyers
  • Buyers are exposed to large numbers of stock with little time and expenses incurred.
  • There is no added stress on livestock therefore less shrinkage and health problems.
  • Livestock stands in natural enviroment while waiting to be loaded.
  • Sellers determine weighing conditions.
  • Pictures of all listed livestock are available so you can access livestock before physically viewing.
  • Can list slaughter stock as a live weight sale. (Reduced shrinkage)
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